Kanban by Dragos Dumitriu

by Dragos Dumitriu
Date December 4-5, 2015 9:00
Place Kharkiv Venue to be determined by the applications received. All participants will be notified in advance
Kanban is a methodology with few rules but enormous effectiveness. You might have experienced this already or you’re only learning how to use this tool, yet if you have the following questions in your mind, you’re in the right place:
– how to reduce lead time?
– how to optimize delivery cycles?
– how to manage and visualize the workload effectively?”Certified Kanban Foundation Training” is a workshop focused on an easy to adopt approach for individuals, teams, and programs to manage and improve the delivery of work/services to the customers.

By the end of the rapid two-days workshop you will learn the basic concepts and will practice the design of a Kanban system. Moreover, as a result of this 2-days workshop you will obtain a certificate of completion and access to the members’ only sections of the LKU website.The course is based on the theory outlined in David Anderson’s book Kanban, Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business.

– Specialization and bottlenecks
– Dependencies on external groups
– Variable task size
– Interrupt driven work

Is this for you?

Yes! It’s easy to answer this question: it’s for everyone, who would like to learn, unlearn and relearn.

This workshop is for proactive and open-minded people, who would like to discuss and go through some practical cases, learn the principles and methods of Kanban, and experience the results that you and your organization can achieve. So, don’t miss this journey.

About Presenter

Dragos Dumitriu Enterprise Solutions Director for CC Pace and Lean Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer and Kanban CoachDragos’ fascination with computers began in 1983 when he assembled his first Sinclair computer from a mail order kit. Video output was to a television set and programs were loaded from an audio tape. Curious minded, he wanted to understand the “magic” of that audio tape so he learned BASIC and started writing programs for fun on… paper as it was all he had in then communist Romania. After immigrating to the US and completing a BS in Management of Information Systems, he got into IT in 1999.