Torsten Koerting: Turnaround

by Torsten Koerting
Date June 12-13, 2016 9:00
Place "Kharkiv Palace", Kharkiv

Torsten Koerting is at the core of project management, specializing in projects that are in crisis and an expert on challenging ‘Turnaround’ projects. He is the author of several books and an active speaker at many conferences. As a strategic thinker, visionary and management advisor, he also follows his personal pathways, like his family, paragliding, trail-running, and long distance hiking. He is a well known thought leader, and lecturer in MBA classes at global business schools. His passion is to facilitate strategic- and innovative-processes and help people to develop and to recognize their sustainable personal brand and to stand out in today’s noisy world.

His core mission is to help people achieve the objectives and results relevant to them and offer support in taking the next step and reaching the next level.

Is this for you?

In this Workshop, you:

  • Identify the main reasons why projects fail and identify why projects today are becoming more complex
  • Learn to recognise the warning signs and crises of a project at an early stage
  • Receive detailed knowledge about the 5 Phases of the TurnAround
  • Gain in depth knowledge about more than 20 methods and tools to recognise project crises and approach the situation successfully
  • Become aware of the influence of a constructive or destructive mindset and the impact on the project success
  • Reflect on experiences of critical situations and exchange insights with other participants